Absorbing Business. Creating Business. Connecting Business.

Online Supporter can insert a wide range of online qualified tools to support and achieve online business.

To absorb, connect and create business, you need open and transparent business.
After you’ve connected, you need to stay connected: durable business .
Our goal is to connect businesses, and to stay in business
We work for various industries
Advertisement and Communication Advice

We facilitate online tools for many different advertising and communications firms, and apply our technical know-how to help them satisfy their customers’ multi-channel needs. Would you also like to be able to offer your customers efficient online tools? We provide customised solutions!


We provide our retail customers with scalable solutions for B2B and B2C (private/white label), such as standardised logistics connections using CRM, ERP, warehouse, PSP, MSP, affiliate and drop shipments, and migration and synchronisation plans. Would you also like to be able to anticipate changes in the market? We would be happy to help you get started!


The changing automotive market demands innovative, technological and sustainable solutions. For customers in the automotive industry, we have provided business optimisation solutions and management reporting systems, developed stock locators and sales and after-sales toolkits, and set up dealer platforms. What can we do for you?

Publishing/ Media

In the publishing and media world, promotional budgets are shifting more and more towards e-marketing activities. We develop and facilitate online tools to bring publishers and advertisers together. We also provide banner management, affiliate tools, multi-channel management, digital versions of magazines, newsletters, mailing list management, and links to RDW providers. Which service can we offer you?

Agriculture sector

The agriculture sector is also facing a changing market. For a variety of importers and brands, we have developed innovative, sustainable solutions to help them optimise their business such as management reports, dealer platforms, stock locators, service bulletins, and sales and after-sales tools.

New business

We are real all-rounders, and familiar with many sectors. Our R&D department is specialised in translating your ideas and needs into customised software. We can also take it one step further and help you market your ideas. Our ‘Bedrijf Het Internet’ business developers analyse your market, determine the critical success factors, and develop a business plan.